About Us    

Puddingstone, as we are today, started in 1997 with Cleve and Gloria, 30 acres of Pure Michigan muck soil, a love & passion for plants and gardening and more creativity then words can compensate for.  Years of new ideas, trial and error, personal growth and new additions have formed a conglomerate of different artistic mediums (as our name, Puddingstone, suggests) ranging from ceramics, found object sculpture, glass vases, moss, wire, wool, vintage jewelry……..the list is ongoing and always changing.  In 2009 we lost Gloria, mother, wife, grandmother and mother in-law in the midst of a fight with cancer.  Cleve continued building Puddingstone and as of January 2017 fully brought Josie and Josh (his daughter and son in-law) into the fold making this a true family run business.