Keeping it simple

One of our big goals around the Puddingstone studios is to keep things simple and uncomplicated.  

We ran over to Cleve's today to drop off a few supplies we picked up at the hardware store and we were surprised by the work he'd accomplished in the garden.  He finally got a few heirloom tomatoes in the ground (Because summer won't be complete without a healthy Black Krim tomato plant growing in the garden!) and a little tripod/trellis system made from the Catalpa tree's he pulled out of the ground and capped with terra-cotta finials and garden buddies.

These simple garden pieces are drying on the studio shelves to be fired in the coming days and will be going out to our upcoming shows in Wooster Ohio, Traverse City Michigan and Newport Rhode Island; just to name a few.


Enjoy your weekend!



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